Operational challenges

ITnesral Company is in collaboration with Israel Aerospace Limited. Our engineers also advise on the improvement of the armored combat vehicle. In the past decade orders to the sum of 39 million dollars, including a big deal for improving vehicles in Turkey, which was completed before the crisis in relations between the two countries.

The improvements include additions for vehicle protection  and remote controlled weapon stations — a relatively new addition that is gaining popularity in the world, because it exempts occupants of the vehicle from exposure to the enemy while firing. More than a hundred stations of this type were ordered from countries in Asia and South America. The improvements include upgrading firepower of the guns and Ammunition, movement

The systems ofITnesral were adapted at bases, for changing operational challenges, for ongoing security missions along the borders, activities in urban spaces, in complex territories during terrorist incidents and in times of war. The system ShachITnesral In cooperation with Israel Aerospace limited. A variety of models for mission-oriented vehicles that can be customized internally and externally modularly for the operational needs of the client. For example, reconnaissance combat vehicle, command and control vehicle, combat collection vehicle, procurement, communications, etc. Among techno-operational advantages: Structure of the combatants chamber in the form of a capsule (Monocock) to carrying 6 combatants their gear and advanced weapon system.