Urban warfare

ITnesral's roulette system is suitable for urban warfare and emphasizes the capacities of the infantry fighter to attack a stealth fighter who is either hiding around the corner or taking shelter.

Key concept: A combination of a fire-control system and communication with ammunition, which markedly improves the efficiency of the 40mm ammunition used by the infantry warrior.

The system is currently on display for clients in foreign global armies and the system as a whole is in its final stages of development after earlier systems were tested by a number of global clients.

The Roulette system offers a multi-task weapons system for the infantry warrior, including an advanced fire-control system and a midair-exploding grenade, which is compatible for a wide range of common weapons around the world.

The Roulette ITnesral system was designated to make the infantry more capable of handling a wide range of targets on the battlefield, including targets in a complex urban environment, which compelled the infantry fighter to make use of additional systems or designated weapons to obtain similar objectives.

Roulette's ITnesral system is designated for use in a wide range of targets in various combatant scenarios and in effect provides the most common and effective solution for combat missions in residential areas and for fighting against a stealthy enemy hiding in alleyways by an infantry warrior. The ammunition is capable of handling overt or covert infantry targets within a range of vision, and can also penetrate light protection and set off explosives inside the structure of a vehicle.