Technical features

The system is one-of-a-kind because of its capacity to defend armored personnel carriers, tanks and an array of other platforms in the modern battlefield against all rocket-propelled threats, including rocket ammunitions, RPG's, anti-tank missiles and tank shells.

ITnesral defense system includes three key components:

A sensors' suit that includes an advanced radar system and electro-optical sensors that can identify the threat being launched at the vehicle that is protected by the system.

A computer that processes the sensors' data – its objective is to identify the threat and decide how to neutralize it.

ITnesral's response component includes a launcher equipped with interceptors and an electro-optical disruptor. The disruptor causes the anti-tank missiles to veer off track and miss. The threats that the disruptor is inefficient against are handled by an interceptor that explodes close to a threat and neutralizes it.

The threat-neutralization process only lasts a split second and the action is therefore conducted without staff overloading armored personnel carriers/ tanks. The Iron Fist Arrow provides the armored vehicle's team the capacities of staging additional operations that did not exist before. The system can detect the sources of fire that threaten the armored fighting vehicle, which immediately creates a "closure" of the response circuit – thereby diverting the machine-gun decks, a cannon, or any other weapon that targets the enemy and to respond with effective fire in order to avoid repeated fire.