Portable Vehicle

The robot was designed to reduce the risks faced by the soldiers of the  ground forces in the various stages of the war and to deal with a number of challenges they face. The robot is portable and can be customized by adding sensors, payloads and systems  specifically tailored for each task and mission. The measurements of the robot are: 18" length, 18" width and 9" height and weight is about 11 kg. This small tool is surprisingly able to overcome a single stair at  a height of  40! cm and climb a flight of stairs at an angle of more than 60! degrees. (An ordinary staircase is at an angle of about 35 degrees only)

Various weapon systems can be added to the robot. It is controlled remotely by a harness and upper head display and its optical payload installation includes: FLIR systems, observation systems  and day/night camera, explosives tracker, disruptor's, a 9 mm Uzi with a scope and  target indicator,  grenade launcher, an arm of about 1 meter in length, fastener, mapping software, and more.

The robot is able to overcome obstacles such as stairs, rubble, dark alleys, caves or narrow tunnels. Is used as reinforcement ideal  for land troops and to protect them from danger by locating explosive devices and booby traps, and warning of the presence of hostile forces.

Our robot was developed for the IDF, as part of an unmanned portable vehicle, and in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense (Mafat - Administration for development of weapons and technological Infrastructure). After operational testing of the system ,the IDF plans to integrate the Viper in the various ground troops divisions.

The robot is based on the accrued knowledge and skill of the ITnesral company systems in the field of unmanned platforms: The UAVs family of ITnesral systems includes the Skylark – a unique UAV system carried on the back of the fighter in the ground forces, and the long-range UAV Hermes, fulfilling today a major role in intelligence gathering and constitute key elements in the global battlefield.