Laser systems

ITnesral company is exploring options to develop a laser-based interception system for shorter ranges than the ranges in which "iron dome" works, as part of the call of the Israeli Ministry of defense industry of Israel  to the defense industry to develop a "specific point defense" to run at very short ranges.

In both of these main areas laser is part of the battlefield for many years: Measuring ranges and target marking by laser beam. Laser range finder (UVA) is the means that has existed for decades and hundreds of companies in Israel and around the world know how to produce it.
However, designating targets to enable attacking them using weapons depending on a laser, this is a much more complicated  task, especially when it comes to a laser fired from an aircraft , at ranges of many kilometers. Here relatively few companies have the expertise.

The optic electronics division of ITnesral is considered to be one of the world leaders in  laser designation, together with the American "Northop" and "Selex" (recently reported of a deal to sell 150 RUTTLER micro laser designators, the company’s product to the "Army" forces  in the United States for 11 million dollars). In order to understand where the field of laser designators is evolving towards, one can think of the following scenario: The Commander of an elite unit to fight terrorism crawls behind a wall of a house. He places next to his eyes a contraption that looks like a big binocular and on it some buttons and then he clicks on two of them. After a few seconds a noise characteristic of a helicopter is heard. Two missiles are launched from it hitting a position from which the terrorists showered heavy fire. Not a word was spoken. Everything was done with the touch of a button.