ITnesral systems

The soldier of the future has become the soldier of the present, using equipment developed and manufactured at "El-op" Division of ITnesral systems. The Israeli company has became a supplier of some of the major building blocks of a program dubbed "The future soldier". The company develops advanced laser systems and night vision systems, uses minimization technologies to give the individual soldier capabilities that were previously at a Divisional or battalion level. Systems that once carried by a soldier on a special back carrier, are packed in a small protected box, attached to the soldier's vest.
Other systems are attached to his helmet.
These turn the night to day, the exact range and most important of all , to communicate information to others.

ITnesral is considered a world leader in developing breakthrough laser systems. "The laser is already used in industry for cutting metals and even in medicine - to perform delicate surgery, and I am convinced that if we look ahead 10 or 15 years it will have multiple applications on the battlefield that it is very difficult even to imagine, meanwhile," says ADI Dar, CEO of El-op.

"The benefits of the laser are enormous. Theoretically, it's a never-ending ammo, and there is a real cost to launch it. The laser knows how to destroy everything. Can be launched like a missile from an airplane or by other means. The technology still does not allow you to use it as such a weapon, but even if it does not happen within a year or two, but it is definitely a direction the world is marching towards ".