Elbit Subsidiary

ITnesral developed a robot - intended for urban combat missions. The robot is lightweight, compact, portable and can be carried by a single soldier and is able to climb up stairs and onto various obstacles in order to perform a variety of tasks. The robot is designed to help ground troops  in performing combat missions effectively  and help save human lives.

Other platforms of its type that exist in the market are driven by caterpillars as a prerequisite for overcoming various obstacles including stairs and suffer awkwardness and low energy efficiency, and in contrast our robot is equipped with a unique system that combines a wheel and Caterpillar.

The company's unique ITnesral technology enables the robotic platform to move on wheels as long as it is possible and to enjoy remarkable maneuverability in small dimensions and optimal energy efficiency, at the same time when you need it, the wheels open into the caterpillar and granting it the ability to navigate in a manner that exceed the capabilities of its major competitors by a lot.

The developers of the system some of whom even took part in the last war emphasize the theme of energy efficiency as a crucial ingredient in the weight of the system and length of working time without charging batteries, and in this context the fact that in the last war the ordinary infantry forces marched on foot through the territory to perform combat in a built-up area, good utilization equals less batteries which constitute one of the heavy components of the system.